Rock your games! hack engine!
Click on the icon of the game you want to hack

It isn’t surprising at all that hacking mobile games has become irresistible. It’s such a convenient way to gain advantage over fellow gamers. A lot of thumb-thumpers with old world values have an old world term for that – it’s called cheating. Naturally, gamers with no honor hardly think of it as unfair or dishonest. They hack because there’s no way they can ever beat a dominant gamer by playing fair.

Racking up those scores and zooming to the top of the rankings is the only acceptable norm. It’s pretty much the same principle as loading up your race car with boosters for added velocity. The thing is, the other jocks use no auxiliary tool to crank up their speed machines to get ahead of the rest. But you’re tired of eating their dust. Now, you’re in position to blow that smoke in their faces.

It may render any further argument futile, but what’s really disturbing (or amazing?) is the ease at which one can hack mobile games. It’s so simple that cheating now seems legitimate. The glut of video instructions online assures you that you don’t have to be a programmer to hack mobile games. You don’t even need to crack any encryption at all. An eight-year-old kid with thousands of gaming hours under his belt can show you how to hack mobile games in few easy touches.

If you’re an Android user, here’s one fine example on how to hack mobile games. First, open your browser. Then type in Click and it will lead you to a page with your game's cheating engine. Click the “Home” button on the upper right corner of your mobile. An “Install Aptoid” button then appears and you click that too. Give it a few seconds before you access your mobile file manager.

Open your file manager and click your download folder. Install the Aptoid app. As soon as it’s uploaded, check your Aptoid stores and download your choice stores. Once you’ve downloaded your stores, type in “mod”. The games included in your stores will appear with “mod” (which stands for modified) appended and enclosed in parenthesis. When a game has been “modded” it simply means the game has been hacked. Depending on what you’re playing, you have now unlimited resources, number of lives, or whatever it takes to bend the rules and raise your game.

For iOS users, the important name to remember is Cydia. If you don’t have it yet, then install it on your mobile. If you already have Cydia, click it then type “”. When window appears, click the button “Add source”. Type “local IAP store” and once you’re led to the page, install it. Once that’s done, go to your setting and enable your store. Now you can go to listed games and here’s where you can start hacking. A page will appear that will give you two optional buttons whether to buy or cancel. Simply ignore the buy button and cancel anyway. It doesn’t matter. You’re on your way to boosting your game.

However, if you’re planning to play online, this might require a higher level of hacking. With iOS, hacking mostly works for offline games.

There are as many ways to hack as there are games to hack. It’s like a whole industry exists online on how to hack mobile games. Hacking has become so common, even gamers who play it straight don’t seem to mind if others cheat. Maybe getting that added unfair advantage may be worth it in terms of bragging rights or padding up your gaming ego. But as some straight gamers would have it, where’s the fun in that?